happy year of the Tiger!

Rev finished the mudding & texturing on friday & saturday. awesome one-week total kitchen transformation! well, two weeks, counting the time spent removing and replacing objects therein. but it’s fabulously fast, all the same.

here’s the kitchen, ready for paint:

emptying things out:

first, the ceiling:

transformation from dingy white to smooth butter yellow

edging the peach livingroom paint onto the new plaster

the walls grow bright

Surely this needs no explanation.

the walls are alive! and, apparently, so is something behind the stove. Rev came over, even though he’s spent the last two weeks busting ass at Sunflower River and abundantly deserves a day off, and graciously got his hands dirty again, re-installing the stove for us.

at the end of the night, ceiling and walls and edging and all complete.

and the pretty, gentle light of the new halogen lamps!

the white stripe’s destiny is to turn bright turquoise. probably later this week.

morning sunlight floods in.

as you can see, we also moved the fridge to the west wall. the shelves will go back in on the south wall. this makes more floor space in the kitchen, which is friendlier for cooking, and reduces the straight line of hallway-like energy that was taking up much too much space in there. we also hope to gain efficiency in counter-space usage with this reorganization.

this morning’s sunlight.

In other news, Jaime, Alan and I spent saturday beginning to process the corn from last summer’s garden. Turns out, dry corn comes right off the cob with just a twist.

isn’t it pretty?

we planted Rainbow Inca Sweet Corn from Seeds of Change, and it grew all different colours. it is supposed to be a good grinding corn for flour, as well as good fresh eating (that part, we can attest to!) we dried most of our harvest, and here’s how it came out:

it came out to 11.5 pounds! we will grind it soon, and see what kind of cornbread it makes.

meanwhile, the frost on the fresh-turned earth is lovely.