Kat: wall update, and less-than-feral cats.

we’re done rebuilding the wall! this has been a long time coming. we had a crew of four interns here for a month this summer, and while they were here, they put in a course of wall every day, until they got it done! it feels amazing to walk out my door and feel the physical presence of that solid boundary right there.

we also got it about 1/4 plastered last weekend. we’ll pick up with plastering as soon as we have a few more interns again — most of our last crew have headed off to various new adventures.

finished! and the plastering well begun.


the sunflowers Rev built, now complete with morning glories:


and today’s gratuitous cute kitty post: look how much progress i’m making on domesticating Furdre! now that she’s discovered that being petted feels good, she’s making up for lost years of touch. everytime i step outside, that cat is right there twining around my ankles — or whacking them if i fail to obey her demands. hah.