Kat: this is why i think we are genuises.

particularly as a group, rather than as individuals. this same group genius, the spirit of the group’s generative power, is what created that floor plan for the Mahazda house that we are so excited to manifest and live in.

so, at Retreat last month, we changed the way we do House Meeting. it’s still every wednesday night, but now we do a planning meeting once a month, and a play meeting the rest of the time, where we get together to spend social time together. each meeting, one person is responsible for setting the activity that we will all do together, and this responsibility rotates among the five of us. last week Kat had us look for the Pan-Starrs Coment (didn’t see it) and then we watched a movie that some friends of mine produced (Ember Days).

last week at house meeting, after some general catching up, Jenny had us play a creative writing game. everybody tosses out some letters, and then we have a few minutes to each write phrases (that more or less make sense and hang together as an English phrase) where each word starts with the selected letters, in order.

so this is what happened.



travelling rice lady demands money

the real llama didn’t matter

topical relationships leave different metaphors

today red licorice didn’t matter

to really love demands mushies

this religion likes dead men

the real leader died monday

try relaxation. labor demands muscles.

true righteous love does miracles

the red lamp dropped madly

teach respect, laugh during meetings

terrible revelations left David morose

to rest longer dismays me

the random l-cache destroys memory

to reach laughter, distrust motion

testicles reach large diameter macerated

trainers rarely let dogs meander

t-rex loves damian monroe

the regent laughed, danced madly

they risk loving drama more

that rascal lost dillan’s mummy

top right/left does matter

tiny reflections linger, mirror diamonds

trees ripen less during menstruation

totally radical loafers didn’t materialize

truly rare lenses damage music

i think what we got out of this, besides a great deal of entertainment, was a vivid depiction of how our five different ways of being original, being ourselves in the world, interlace into a whole that is more interesting, more integrated, and considerably more creative than any one part. one more joy of living in community.

comments are candy. if you liked these, i’ll put the rest up. we did two more rounds with different letters.