One of the most amazing things about working with interns is the relationships we develop. Our first intern of the spring, Yulia was here for about four weeks, and left last night on a bus to Denver, to follow her continuing adventures.

I came in this morning to find this on the table:

you can see that it’s a picture of the Sunflower River (sunflowers, river)

I unfolded it to reveal this:

(large copy here: — it takes a few moments to load)

a cottonwood tree made of gratitude! which reads, (mostly clockwise from upper left):

Hi, Sunflower River! Please pretend (imagine, believe) that this letter-thing is a big communal hug that I didn’t get to give you!

Thank you for everything…there is too much for me to remember in one night…

I love how you have done so much with this beautiful land in such a short time, and that it’s not just one man’s effort but the beautiful fruit of a community’s labor, with each individual worker’s effort multiplying and growing in their own heart

I love how creative each of you is and that, no matter how busy life is, you have time for art

Thank you for inspiring me (and providing the materials) to do my own art

Thank you for providing me with the time, environment, and most of all, state of mind to fulfill my potential

rub Thistle’s belly for from me!

Thank you for being so kind and generous and opening not just your home but your heart to me! I feel that I made good friends here

I love how you can love without jealousy or sense of possession, free in your minds and hearts – thank you for showing me such a beautiful way of life, not being slaves to an evil system by the force of your own mind, invincible because you are connected to the root, and working to spread that light and knowledge to the world around you tirelessly

You are such a beautiful group, community, family of persons, with love and spark coming out of every pore

thank you for teaching me so much new stuff, and letting me do things and figure them out when I’ve never done them before

Thank you for not even once making me feel like I can’t do something because i’m a 5’1” 105 lb girl – I CAN DO ANYTHING!

I love how you treat your plants and animals, and your workers and friends, I love how you treat each other and your self

I love your religion and how you practise, it makes a lot of sense to me

I am so glad I got to know you, I LOVE YOU GUYS

This was such a great experience! sorry this is so annoying to read, see you at Beltane!


such a beautiful and powerfully moving thank-you card! i am touched and delighted. and Yulia, we love you, too! and are grateful we had the opportunity to host such a hard-working, intelligent, beautiful spirit for a month! you have made good friends here. i am very glad we get to see you again.