Kat: i love it when i wake up in the morning and it’s spring.

the irises are already blooming. i didn’t manage to take photos this morning, so as usual, my photo post will be a week behind the actual season. we got a little bit of rain yesterday, thank goodness, so this morning the baby greens in their long sprawling rows gleamed against the dark soil of the garden, in the grey light of a cloudy sky.

overnight, it seems, the cottonwoods have leafed.

my view in the mornings:


my yurt in the sunshine and gleaming tree leaf

note the long wires extending from both yurts: tie-downs so we don’t blow away in the wind of the rather firm New Mexico spring.

in another sure sign of spring, the Mahazda demolition project is Almost Done. We are within a work party (possibly two, but hopefully one really productive day) of being ready to turn this project over to the contractor. So close!

the floors are up:

the kitchen counters are out:

the ceilings are down:

the back yard has filled with the resulting scrap lumber (much of which is reusable):

and now we just need to clean all the debris out of the garage

and attend to some details like placing outlets, and pulling the remainder of the old, dangerous electrical system (aka, the tentacle monster) out of the ceilings.

i just like this photo because it’s kind of surreal.