Gratuitous picture post for vicarious gardeners

i thought i posted this last week, but apparently, i forgot how to post things correctly, and double-posted it to my personal journal. apologies!

By the front door: the honeysuckle i bought earlier this spring for , and the spirea i just got myself, with a little help from —thank you! That’s soapwort in the old blue clay drum beside the honeysuckle, and a few pots of various penstemmons for my mom, to the left.
a portrait of the spirea, which is bridal spirea, which is one of the handful of flowering shrubs i adore:


In case you can’t read the labels, that’s a row of yellow crookneck, three butternuts, four delicata, two acorn squash, and one of “amish pie squash”–an heirloom pumpkin. the not-squash plants in back are purple calabash tomatoes, 10 of them. zuchs (yes, more than one…we’ll be coming around this summer to give you some, i’m sure), marina di chioggia and cassava not pictured. :)

i love how fast squash seedlings grow. it’s very rewarding.

Greenhouse caretaker snacks:


bought it yesterday. it’s perfect. it’s an 84 Ford F250, 3/4 ton. it can haul anything. and it will, it will.