goat yoga!

Is there anything more cheerful and emblematic of spring than baby goats? I’m not sure there is. So in the spirit of springtime and joy and setting down your burdens to relax into the moment, Sunflower River is bringing you: Goat Yoga!

Goat Yoga!
Sunday, April 17th at 1pm
Saturday, May 14th, 11am
with Erin Hansbrough
at Sunflower River
outdoors, bring a mat & your water bottle
(we have a few mats folks can borrow if you don’t have one!)

No yoga experience necessary, no flexibility required, and unless the day is warm, you probably won’t break a sweat. Each session is unique – goats are unpredictable! Laughter is guaranteed! You can focus on centering yourself in the face of physical distraction, take selfies with baby goats, or enjoy the sensation of stress evaporating from your body as you move completely into the moment, and surrender to the adorable experience of baby goats bouncing all around you and off your body.

Message for any questions, or to get the address! Register by contacting Erin at Pre-registration required!