and a close up, fuzz and all

the sunflowers, which we planted in a circle on the whim of our spring intern, Sarah, are about 13′ tall now. they tower over the garden.

so i took about nine zillion photos of them.

seeds developing

only slightly photoshopped. :)

this might be my favorite view in the garden this year.

new sunflower

towering. seriously. that’s the apricot tree in the foreground.

if we’re going to name the place Sunflower River, we should have sufnlowers, right? so now you get to see as much of them as i do. :)

volunteer corn sprouted among the sunflowers. it’s a week or so ahead of the corn we planted, already in tassel.

corn (Navajo red corn this year), beans & squash. that’s santo domingo tobacco on the end, helping stave off grasshoppers. it’s no panacea, but it helps.

in the corn

yellow crookneck squashes

lima beans climbing the corn


the view down the row, corn on the left, amaranth on the right

the same view, this time including the barn and the big cottonwood

storm blowing in


hazy as it is, i’m really fond of this image.

a young praying mantis hanging out on a tobacco plant

tomatoes coming in. we harvested the first handfull of yellow taxi tomatoes this week!

volunteer purple podded pole bean near the standpipe

turkeys in the barnyard

and the barn cat on the roof of the turkey yard.