garden on the edge of summer

friday, i finished the new compost bins. as you can see, we’ve upgraded to a four-bin system, to accomodate our larger summer population.

gaillardia in the herb garden

desert evening primrose in the herb garden


peas, with yurts in the background. i’m particularly fond of this view of the yurts and the gate of possibility.


ladybug and yarrow

corn! we planted last saturday, and by yesterday, most of the corn was up. some squash and beans are likewise sprouting.

more corn

a corn and a bean


the wild and fierce barn kitty, Woodwose, surprised to be caught in the daylight. She’s an exceedingly sweet cat.

turnips! we ate this mighty one for dinner.

along with this one.

turnip greens

healthy soil! i turned over more earthworms yesterday than i have seen in the last year.

the vanquished turnips.

and kale!

I didn’t get any photos of them, but our newest batch of broiler chicks arrived on saturday, as well. everything is zooming along.