falling into autumn

we needed more dirt for the wall out front, which is now past the cottonwood tree and heading for the south gate. so we had the guy up the street who does backhoe work come down to make a new hole and move some earth last weekend.

Thistle approves of the new dirt pile, which we put next to the wall to speed up the building process and save labor.

while that was going on, i climbed up on top of Alan’s yurt, and Alan, myself and Rev got Alan’s chimney installed. So now he is ready for a wood-heated winter.

our little yurt village, featuring the newly chimneyed yurt

and from the inside

due to the early-spring fence clearing that made the wall possible, we are all set for firewood this winter.

the view from Alan’s yurt:

autumn in the garden

out front, the maximillian daisies we planted in the greywater garden are 6′ tall and blooming. they love their little greywater swamp.

maximillians are among my favorite helianthus; they’re so vivid.

and covered in migrating butterflies. early autumn is butterfly season here.

the garden is in the usual late-september state of benign neglect. onions are up:

zinnias in bloom

corn is all in and shucked, drying on the porch while the stalks dry in place, hung about with vibrant beans.

the beans are in their ascendancy, producing as much in the last couple weeks as they have all summer.

lima beans are finally setting up, too.

some of the chard came up and got instantly eaten by bugs; but a few plants made it.

late season tomatoes are still rolling in.

turkeys are getting bigger and sillier by the day.

my lovey yurt cat, Tattersall:

snuggled into the down comforter on an autumn evening.

and, sure sign of the cold: the geese are arriving.