fallen giant

so, we’ve had nearly 4 inches of rain since the end of April. that’s half our annual average, and too much for us to receive that fast.

one consequence of the rain, is that one of our old cottonwood trees became waterlogged and collapsed late Sunday night. the trunk folded outwards like a sunflower stalk cracking. nobody was hurt, and it didn’t hit the house or the earthbag wall, so really it didn’t go badly, all things considered.

here’s a glimpse of the whole thing.



the fence took some of it:

but Jenny’s car took most of it.

and after Jeremy got the tree off it:

here is Jeremy disconnecting the fallen trunk.


Jeremy does all our cottonwood tree care, and we highly reccomend him. Gibson Landscaping, 505-315-6969.

Monday he’ll be back down to the farm to test all of the other cottonwood trees for hollowness or soundness, and we’ll decide then what we need to do, going forward. all of us love these trees; we bought this property partially because these great old trees are on it. keep your fingers crossed that the other ones are healthy!