elms, beltane, garden

We’ve had zombie elms for quite a while (they come back from the dead, you know), but this is our first vampire elm.

it’s growing *inside* the Grandmother Cottonwood, in a thin space between the giant root and the trunk of the great old tree. We couldn’t manage to uproot it, but we did cut it back to nothing after documenting this unacceptable transgression.

my lovely Alan, out hiking in the grey windy weather last weekend.

Joseph, an awesome human being who is interning with us for a little while, painted the heater! we’ve been meaning to get around to this for an unspeakably long time. i love it. he did a great job with it, too.

i spent a fair amount of quality time at last weekend’s Beltane festival painting faces. This is Amber, wearing Saturday’s masterpiece:

whom I painted to match the butterflies on her earrings.

and Yulia painted me.

the weather got cold and grey over the weekend — we had our annual late-April freeze the last two nights, so summer really should be on its way now. the peas loved the grey cold, and grew a foot.

raindrops (for some definition of rain — the air got wet for a moment, anyway) on pea vines.

the garlic has been growing fast, too.

lettuce, nasturtiums, spinach, and one overwintered chard, going to seed in the back. it’s furthering my secret agenda of a self-seeding garden.

chard and spinach in the foreground, potatoes & radishes in the background.



lettuce and carrots

i’m still in love with my rose. we have a steady thing going. she brings me flowers every day, to make my mornings easier and more wonderful.

that’s a purple butterfly bush, gifted to us by , behind the rose. i hope to get it into the ground this weekend, having picked a spot last night.

rose, rose.

and here we are again: the afternoon light in the Grandmother Cottonwood. one of these days i’ll get you some early morning light in that tree, too.