somewhere around the middle of spring, we realized we had way too many eggs, and were not able to increase the number of customers as fast as our hens were laying. we always do give volunteers farm-goods when they come to work parties, so we stepped up on moving eggs out of the house that way, and meanwhile, we reached out to our friend Gael at Exotic Edibles of Edgewood. She grows oyster mushrooms, which she sells to restaurants and at the Downtown Grower’s Market. She agreed to sell eggs for us at market if we could get the paperwork in order. So we reached out to the market manager, and wow, I had no idea how many hoops a person must go through to legally sell a few dozen eggs a week in downtown Albuquerque! over a month later, we have a state egg permit, a business license (well, okay, i already had that), have paid all the fees, and at last we have our grower’s market permit! for 2018. (we are starting this earlier next year!)

so… drumroll… you will be able to buy Sunflower River Farm Fresh eggs (cage-free, ungraded, extremely tasty) at the Downtown Grower’s Market starting this Saturday! You’ll find them at Exotic Edibles of Edgewood with Gael.

but if you want to get in on the peacock eggs, you’ll still have to come to a work party on the farm! next open work day, July 7th. ;-)