eggs for sale!

Hey Albuquerque-Area folks,

We are delighted to be able to offer eggs for sale again! Our young birds have started laying, and the lengthening daylight means our older birds are increasing production as well. At present, we’ve got a dozen eggs available for sale, and we’re likely to have another dozen by Monday or Tuesday.

Young birds go through a period of a few weeks in their first laying cycle when they lay “sample” eggs, as it were–often smallish, sometimes rather elongated eggs–until they get the hang of laying a regular egg. Then they quit laying for a couple weeks, and then cycle back into the egg a day pattern for the rest of their laying lives (with slower production in winter). Seventeen of our 23 birds are in their first laying season, so there may be a gap in the next month during which our production slows again, before resuming at double the previous pace. Just so you know.

Meanwhile, i would be delighted to take egg orders, and start organizing egg-related rendesvous with you! Sunflower River Farm Fresh Eggs are 3.50/dozen or 2.00/half-dozen.

If you want to reserve eggs to pick up at the work party on the 8th, let me know!

CYA Board of Health disclaimer, ’cause this journal is public: we’re not certified or inspected by anything, in any way. Our eggs are organic, and our birds have happy, healthy, antibiotic-and-hormone-free lives, eating scratch, pellet, insects, greens and kitchen scraps. They have over five square feet of space in the henyard per bird, and they have free-range days a few times a week when they roam the entire property. However, what with our decision not to involve the health board in our lives, you eat these eggs at your own risk, and we are not liable, should something happen. (Mind you, we eat them all the time, and have yet to have anything even slightly untoward happen to us!) Additionally, eggs might be fertile (though generally you won’t be able to tell unless you know what to look for), and they might be irregularly shaped or mottled in coloring; both are part of the organic process.