Barn Razing at Sunflower River

[resource barn]This Saturday, April 19th, We’re having a “Barn Razing” at Sunflower River. Our resource barn is coming down to make room for our community building. If you haven’t made it down yet, I can’t imagine a better reason than to watch a barn come down!

As usual, lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided. If you need directions, I’ll happily provide them. Here is the note that went out on e-mail:

Hey Everybody,

Just a quick reminder that the next Sunflower River work party will be Saturday, April 19th, from 10 a.m. until sundown. We’ll provide lunch.

This is going to be an historic moment for us, as this work party will see the Barn Razing…..the taking-apart of the Old Barn, the one that’s half fallen down already. We’ve taken lots of photos of it. We’re going to re-use the lumber and other supplies as much as possible. And we’d like to invite you to help take the whole the whole thing apart.

Also on the agenda, if anybody doesn’t want to play Barn Razing, is continuing to dig stumps in the ritual grounds, and starting some animal fencing activity in the livestock area, and finishing the installation of the drip irrigation system, along with setting up more shelves in the greenhouse and starting a round of warm-weather crops from seed.

If you plan to come, please bring work gloves and clothing that can get dirty! If you plan to participate in the Barn Razing, feel free to bring hammers, prybars, and similar tools if you have them.

Hope to see you all there!