grandmother cottonwood, autumn

Grandmother Cottonwood in the late afternoon

meadow with cottonwood

Grandmother Cottonwood, looking east across the meadow.

view from the back door

The view from the back door.

living room with alan

We’re gettin’ moved in.  Alan on his way to work.  books unpacked, kitchen at about 80%.  in the foreground, my shiny wonderful new backpack on Jenny’s chair. 

living room, closer

The other side of the livingroom.  Characteristically, it looks different now than it does in this photo—no more boxes!  all the books are on shelves, the shelf at the back there is up against the wall again, and some of the general disarray has been addressed.  a little more every day.  we’ll be ready in time for the appreciation party Nov 10th.  if you’ve been helping us do stuff–moving, work parties, all that kind of thing–expect an invite soon!