autumn, outside the garden


it’s autumning out in other ways, though, even if the garden is refusing to slow down for the season. the grandfather cottonwood is an enormous burst of golden energy, brilliant, dominating the horizon with his glow.

sunflowers have been blooming everywhere.

and other autumn flowers as well, such as these purple asters on the ditch bank.

and these beautiful seed poofs from the indian hemp plants:

not to mention our very own actual red-leafed maple tree:


meanwhile, we finished plastering the main wall:

and then we plastered the secret outdoor privy wall, tucked into a niche. it is made of plywood, and looked a bit out of place as such. we will do the last coat of plaster on it this saturday.

we had to take out the cottonwood on the east side of the property, as it was both dying and leaning in a way that endangered the wall, the gas meter, and nearby cars. Here’s Gawain being King Tree on the stump: 20160927_182309

one consequence of this was a giant pile of wood chips, left (at my request) by the arborists who took the tree out. it solved a timing issue for us with the fire circle: instead of having to rent a chipper and chip up a bunch of our stick pile out back (still on the eventually-list, but now no longer as urgent) in order to mulch the fire circle, we simply moved that mulch pile back from the remains of our tree. the fire circle looks and feels amazing with this protective coat of woodchips, helping it stay soft and free from weeds. when we intend to do a dance event, we’ll rake the mulch out of the way, and the put it back after, and the mulch will keep the ground from becoming a weedy hardpan the rest of the year.

also in the area, our interns are coming up with creative season-extension devices for camping in (an admittedly warm) November, like this cozy strawbale arrangement:

and the sunsets just keep getting better as the season advances.