autumn coming in

this is it. first freeze last night, though a very light one. we covered the tomatoes with frost blankets & old sheets (where the frost blanket wasn’t big enough), and they made it. we’re supposed to get nighttime lows in the 40s for the rest of the week, so will probably not re-cover the tomatoes until the next freeze warning. i’m praying more of them mature and ripen before they run out of time. We harvested a big bowl of large green tomatoes, though, just in case, and will fry them up for saturday’s work party.

overnight, the bosque is specked with yellow leaves. oh, it’s been going on for a while, leaf by leaf, trecherously turning away from the deep green of late summer. but now they’re all doing it. it’s a movement. there’s no turning back.

the sky was full of hot air balloons this morning, too. i saw several landing in the south broadway industrial area. lots of open land down there, but a funny place to set down, with all the giant container trucks and piles of scrap metal, junked cars, and all.

an arch of beans, bending a dry corn stalk over in the dying of the light.

beans falling from the drape of the dry corn stalk:

other side, same garden art

orange prince flowers in the early night

autumn dog, with weeds and hose.

maximillians blooming in the front fence this morning

the bean arch in daylight

individual beans

the best part

Tattersall investigates the chard in the early morning cold.

note the baby chard & radishes coming up behind the cat, and behind them, the frost-protected tomatoes.

the bittersweet of fall: new chard, frost blankets on the tomatoes.

and the radishes, ready to eat.

turkeys last weekend, putting themselves back in the barnyard for the night. (they actually got stuck on top of the fence, because they’re too dumb to get all the way over it. Rev was calling them “dingbat” while we herded them back into their yard, and i think that’s their new collective name. all 17 of them, Dingbat.)

Rev working on the rabbit hutches last weekend. This whole side is roofed now, and with a little more work on Saturday, we’ll be moving the buns into the west side of their new condos! more photos to come, i promise.

lovely fluffy white wildflowers bordering our goat field. anybody know what these are? we haven’t been able to ID them yet. they’re all over our back fields.

hopi red dye amaranth, which grew about 2′ a month since we put it in in July.

lima beans reaching above the dry corn stalks

the burgeoning volunteer tomatoes, freed from midsummer’s squash shadow

those beans again. they’re really that cool.