and like that, it’s autumn

or almost, anyway.

neither are the sunflowers
kat heatherington

under the bluegreen door
a girl is dancing
barefoot on the sidewalk,
her long white legs
in the sunlight,
ignoring the passersby
while her friend
plays accordion.
her brown hair & dress cry out,
“it is autumn,”
and i can’t believe
it’s already autumn
the maximillians
have only begun to bloom but
it’s autumn
even in the green grass
i’m not ready yet
and neither are the sunflowers
or the barefoot girl i wish i could be,
between the sycamores.


that’s from a few years ago, but i seem to feel the same way every year. not yet, not yet! maybe it’s that the academic calendar sends me catapulting into the fall semseter before the weather or my mind are quite ready yet.

but sure enough, the maximillian daisies are starting to bloom, and there’s a chill late in the evening that hasn’t been there before.

turns out i ahven’t uploaded my photos here in about a month, either, so i’ll get on that tomorrow. all sorts of new things coming along. the pond, our darling new guinea hens (i actually have yet to adequately capture their cuteness on camera, but that’s on my agenda for saturday), *fabulous* new wall sculptures on the interior east wall. and as always, the garden. peaches and peach pie.

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we update that page with photographs every few days, so it’s a great way to keep in touch with us. :)

more here soon.