A rooster has adopted us.

isn’t he pretty? he’s an Auracauna, and he likes the girls, and they like him a lot, so we decided to keep him. he’s carrying on a torrid affair with Tangent—previously known as “the Other Auracauna.” (because we had Ora, Washington, and “the other auracauna.” just like we currently have the big barred rock and the smaller barred rock. hence, tangent. :) he’s not particularly aggressive, though he is exceedingly fast and has a knack for getting through fences.

a while back, i promised before & after pictures of the now-weeded goat pens.

so, before:

and after:

it may not be beautiful, but now we can see to the back, and actually get in there to work.

i took today off as a personal day, and have been alternately reading in the sunshine and roaming the property and taking pictures of chickens. while roaming, i wandered into the Old Barn, which we will probably be pulling down—carefully, in a preserving-resources frame of mind, and with gloves on—at the next work party. i took a lot of photos in there, but also picked through a couple old wooden crates of interesting items. here’s the cream of the crop:

and a close up of that copper horse:

he’s a lamp. the copper horse is bolted to the copper cowboy hat, which sits on the table, and from which the cord extends. the socket sits at an angle above. there must have been a shade at one time. i think he had a bridle, too, given the hole piercing his mouth. it’s completely hokey, and i love it.

and our first, perfect, iris reticulata:

there are a half-dozen of them up now, but this one came up several days ago, and has been brightening the backyard. it’s about 3 inches tall.