a goat pen retrospective, Year One.

well, a so-far, so-good on the goat pens, anyhow. Next step: building new ones! this entry actually became a whole-farm Before and After photo post. Enjoy!

First, the goat pens as they looked when we moved in:

for that matter, the barnyard when we moved in, seen from the area beside the chicken coop:

and one more view: the barnyard seen from the east side of the goat pen:

Same area, a month later (that’s the side of the chicken coop on the right, and the north edge of the goat pens on the left):

The weeds are down and the gate swings open and closed freely. Real progress, that.

That first photo, up top there of the Goat Pen o’ Weeds? Same shot, after a little housecleaning late last winter:

Getting started this Saturday (after clearing piles of wood):

One down, one to go (very nearly the same view as in Photo 2, above, for comparison):

and the end of the day:

all ready for the next story!

A Quick History of The Garden:
last December

note the fence between garden & barnyard.

late March:



I don’t think i’ve taken any photos out there since we pulled the shade-cloth down and rolled up the irrigation for the winter. I’ll do that when i get a new camera, which shouldn’t be too far in the future.

And, because i can’t resist: The fastest-growing project on the farm! shown next to me, for perspective.
Thistle, August 12th:

and Thistle, last Saturday:

Six more months and she’ll be nearly full-size. :-D