2018 Calendar — updated!

We have so many great events happening this year! The first big one is brand new to us — the Sunflower River Music Festival!

Rev is now running a quarterly music festival, through Mariposa Music. It will have local bands, vendors, live artists, and we will offer farm tours to VIP ticket holders. The first one is April 7th — we’d love to see you there! This event will also run in June, August, and October.

We’ll be doing more Wall Art Days this summer, in June and September. The theme is plants & animals, and Kat can teach you how to engage with the cement bas-relief process if you’re interested in getting involved but unfamiliar with the material.

We’ve also added a couple of brand new workshop offerings to our calendar — July 14th and October 20th we will offer a Chicken Processing workshop. This will be a one-morning workshop that will teach anyone interested how to process chicken, from the live bird to ready-for-the-table. We’ll also offer a workshop on our Retreat Processes in August. We often hear from people that we are exceptionally well organized, and good at doing what we do, and we agree — so we’re offering this class to anybody interested in picking up some of the planning, management or organizational tools that we use, so you can use them in your own home or community organization. To keep informed of details as they arise, watch this space, or sign up for our Events mailing list.

These are all in addition to our usual monthly work parties!