2010 Farm Calendar

For those who are in (or may be passing through) central New Mexico.

Volunteer Opportunities for the coming year are:

March 27th –we could really use a few people to help shovel manure for the garden from 3-5 pm
April 18th work party
May 8th work party
May 9th work trade with Ironwood Farm
June 13th work party
July 24th work party
August 22nd work party
September 26th work party
October 10th work party
November 20-21 Turkey processing

we also have “family work days” once a month in which others are welcome to participate; if you would like to know those dates, please message me and i’ll pass them along.

Other events on the farm this year include:

March 21st Spring Equinox celebration
July 30th Appreciation Party (all are welcome)
September 6th Harvest Festival